Shoe Repairs

As a traditional shoe repairer and Master Cobbler, Tower Bridge Shoe Repairs is able to repair all shoes to an exceptional standard. Additionally, alterations can be made to your shoes from a little hand stitching to a total rebuild. I work on all types of shoe, including women's boots and shoes for gentlemen and children as well as orthopaedic footwear.

There is also a wide selection of shoe accessories in stock including polishes, protectors, laces and insoles.

Handbag Repairs and Alterations

Do you love your leather handbag but are constantly annoyed by the zip, which keeps sticking every time that you want to open or close it? Although this bag may be the ideal one for you to take out and about with you, the zip may be enough of a hassle that you feel reluctant to use it.

Tower Bridge Shoe Repairs is able to attach new zips to handbags and luggage and is also skilled at carrying out alterations to bags and suitcases.

We also offer a bag cleaning service.

Key Cutting

Are you tired of having your key stick in the lock every time you try to enter your home? No one likes the prospect of trying to enter their property late at night and finding that they are unable to because of an ill-fitting key. Tower Bridge Shoe Repairs cuts most types of key with prices starting from £3.

Engraving services

Have you recently bought a new dog or cat and want to have a pet disc engraved with your details? Perhaps you are in charge of the prizes for your local sports club and need to have the trophies engraved with the name of this year's winner. Whatever your engraving needs are, we are able to assist you.


Watch Batteries and Adjustments

Has the battery in your watch died? Perhaps the watch strap is worn or is too big for your wrist. In addition to replacing the battery, straps can be adjusted and links taken out so that it is able to fit your wrist.

All watch batteries are guaranteed for 1 year with prices starting from £5.